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"Since the second world war 95% of all the radical new inventions have come from businesses employing less than 5 people. The formation of those businesses is critical to our economic success"

David Irwin DTI 2001


"We've got to back the big businesses of tomorrow, not just the big businesses of today"

Prime Minister, David Cameron, 25 October 2010


The SME Innovation Alliance will support and defend the interests of UK SMEs working in technology development and liaise with the government to create a better understanding of our needs. The recent announcement of a 10% royalty tax on patent income first announced by Labour and now taken up by the Coalition Government was taken from an idea put forward by the Committee of SMEIA aimed at making the UK competitive both within and outside Europe.


Our aims


To produce a series of specific reports on ways to improve Government policies with respect to the needs of SMEs working in innovation.

To campaign for a balanced understanding of innovation issues within Government (including RDAs and other delivery bodies).

To work with Universities to ascertain the facts surrounding many of the issues and the solutions on offer.

To campaign for a system of funding that is fair to innovative SMEs.

To specifically campaign to reward innovation within SMEs e.g. for a significant improvement in patent enforcement procedures for SMEs and a competitive tax system for licensing.

To contact us:

Address for correspondence: Old Leys Farm, Liverton, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6HT.