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WARNING - Patent renewal scam


10-03-2013 11:20:15 by Admin

"Patent & Trademark Office"


Dear Mr Mitchell,

We have received a large number of complaints about this company over the last week and understand how SMEs can be can be affected. Please be assured that we are taking this issue seriously.

I am currently on a group at the IPO who are looking at these types of companies and the services they offer. We have had legal advice and have considered it. That advice suggests that there is potentially a strong case against at least some of these companies on the grounds of passing off, and under trade mark law and misleading advertising legislation too. The IPO Board is currently considering whether and when to launch an action. If it is decided to do so, we will let people know through our website.

We are also raising awareness of this issue with our customers. We currently send out warning letters to customers at different stages in each process and have also set up a new page on our website . On the new webpage it gives examples of invoices that we have received from these types of companies. It also shows a response that our Chief Executive, John Alty, has issued to them.

With regards to Tim's comment about Trading Standards, we have also been working with them to see if there is any help they can offer us.

If you have any more queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely
Francesca Bale| Information Centre Manager |Innovation Directorate |Intellectual Property Office