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PM's office contradicts itself on procedure


11-11-2013 13:32:34 by Admin

 PM's Office letter dated 23 October 2013 insists that a study is necessary to establish if criminal sanctions are effective to deter IP infringement.  This was first suggested by the UKIPO to SMEIA at a prior meeting who were able to explain that it was infeasible.   But the PM's office insists that as that hasn't been done (what will the UKIPO do, try and find those that were put of thieving because of a criminal penalty?) then procedurally, no criminal sanctions for patent infringement can be introduced in the IP Bill.  It forgets to mention that the IP Bill contains a proposal for criminal sanctions for infringing registered design rights and that no such prior study has been done - OOPS!   Further it avoids mentioning the less onerous penalty of introducing fines for wilfully infringing a patent - typically declining a license offered and then infringing deliberately.  Oops again.