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The UK has an abundance of everything necessary for high tech industry, except cash. It is like running a car without fuel.


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SMEIA details how SMEs disenfranchised by PM's response


11-11-2013 13:43:45 by Admin

SMEIA replied to the PM on 5 November 2013 agreeing to disagree (page1, page2).  However SMEIA explains why, in their opinion, the PM's office has failed its own growth policy by adopting UKIPO ill-thought-out patent policies rather than those SMEs desperately require.  Further the implication to be drawn, SMEIA suggests, is that all SME input to Government via consultation, reviews and even meetings for the past decade is an obvious waste of SME resources.  Pragmatically SMEs working on high tech innovation, who are ignored consistently, see no point in wasting time this way - a way that obviously civil servant procedure is used to pick and choose policy, each on a different  basis.  This way they ensure they do as they like presumably as pressurised by far more powerful interests which are to prevent SMEs growing and disrupting their established marketplaces.