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The UK has an abundance of everything necessary for high tech industry, except cash. It is like running a car without fuel.


We are awash with advice, so no more please. Just concentrate on the cash issue.


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Our "Westminster Brigade" in Action


16-08-2012 18:36:57 by Admin

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 was the day our Chairman John Mitchell, Treasurer Henry Tuck, Michael Wilcox who had burned his patent outside Westminster and web editor Sabine McNeill had our first meeting with John Hemming MP and then saw Chi Onwurah MP, the Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills. We then split to meet Jim Dowd MP, member of the Science and Technology Committee and Lord Laird who started life as a programmer and became a PR guru. Michael and Sabine then visited Private Eye to ensure it was worth travelling from Pembroke to London for Michael! Sabine's summary is on the LinkedIn Group. Our 'hymnsheet' was this summary of requests. The first follow up for John Hemming was the list of 20 countries in which patent infringement is a criminal offence! It was assembled from IPKats. Another summary was provided by Dr Roger Prentis, a colleague of Lord Laird: our TO DO list for lobbying effectively. Let's do it!