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The UK has an abundance of everything necessary for high tech industry, except cash. It is like running a car without fuel.


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5 Sep 2012 SMEIA gives evidence to the Science & Technology Committee


29-11-2012 11:24:59 by Admin

 The Science & Technology parliamentary Committee have been taking some verbal evidence following written submissions.  Tim Crocker of SMEIA was given a chance to have our say along with the CBI.  Tim covered the real issues of financing innovation and those of funding growth. He explained why the UK rarely develops large corporations out of SME innovation as most ends up getting sold off by  pre-determined design of financiers - something that needs addressing.  He also covered the inability to grow an SME because the traditional banks have reduced funding opportunities coupled with an inability to enforce any valuable patent thus rendering UK patents of no use to a UK SME if they create a valuable invention.